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Unique about Unique Elevations

Why building a Custom Unique Elevations Home or purchasing one of our New Immediate Possession Home offers more benefits than ever before……


1.    Design Your Dream Home Your Way: Why settle for someone else’s choices when you can select your own appliances, cabinets, countertops, lighting, plumbing fixtures, wall colors and flooring. Let your New Home reflect your style, not someone else’s.


2.    Choose a Floor Plan with Room Layout that Meets Your Needs: Want an open concept kitchen with modern appliance package? Done! Want a great room with fireplace? It’s yours! Want an ensuite with 5 foot Custom Shower, 6 Foot Soaker Tub and oversized vanity including dual sinks? Why Not! It’s easy when you build your home with us!


3.    All New, All under Warranty: A used home may soon need repairs. The cost for a new roof, appliance repairs, replacing the hot water tank or furnace can be extremely costly! Your new Unique Elevations home is brand new and comes complete with our in house 1 year service program and 10 year Progressive New Home Warranty.


4.    Energy Efficient: Todays new homes are far more energy efficient than homes built even five years ago. Why settle for a used home that is drafty or too hot in the summer. Our homes come with Dual Pane or Triple Pane windows with Argon Filled Gas, Lennox High Efficiency Furnace, 50 Gallon Hot Water Tank, Blue Envelope Sealant around windows, Spray Foam Insulation between garage and bonus room. This means an overall monthly savings to you the New Home Buyer.


5.    Indoor Air Quality: Unique Elevations homes all include Fresh Air Intake fans as well as our stoves are vented to the outside! This results in better air circulation and less condensation issues in your home.


6.    Increased Health and Safety: We at Unique Elevation’s care about our home buyer’s wellbeing! Our homes include smoke detectors in every room and carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of your new home. ALL plugs are tamper resistant and have arc faults. Our garage doors come with “Safety Sensors” to name a few. Your New Unique Elevations Home had to pass building inspections throughout the building process. Your new home should be a safe place for you and your family!


7.    Low Maintenance: New homes are made of the most up to date building products that require less maintenance and better quality. They provide a care-free lifestyle so that you can enjoy your new home, not work on it!


8.    Architecturally Controlled Communities: Unique Elevations builds our homes in design controlled communities that include man-made lakes, playgrounds, multi-use walking trails, green spaces and paved back lanes (Certain Communities).


9.    Advanced Technology: It is possible to replace the old appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, hot water tank, furnace and shingles on a used home. However, it’s very expensive and if you have already maxed out your budget you might not have the extra money to do all these repairs or updates. In the end is it really less expensive to buy used?


10.  That New Home Feeling: A Unique Elevations new home offers the latest designs, style, comfort and quality. A used home was someone else’s home, not yours. It reflects their choices and memories. You may learn to like their used appliances, color choices and outdated fixtures….. But Why?   



About Envelope Seal

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has determined that the window to wall interface is the major contributor to moisture problems in buildings. Envelope Seal is an elastomeric co-polymer thermal plastic that acts as a primary barrier to moisture and air penetration at the window to wall interface. Its physical properties allow it to adhere to most surfaces while staying flexible over a wide range of temperatures. These characteristics enable the product to move and adjust with building settling, while maintaining a watertight seal around building openings. Use of Envelope Seal is part of the Built Green initiative, and contributes to reducing new home warranty claims while improving air tightness by as much as 43%.


About Spray Foam 

Spray Foam Insulation on Bonus Rooms over Garage 
Spray Foam Insulation on Rim Joists & Joist Ends in house & Garage 

Floor truss ends are and have always been a difficult area to insulate with conventional batt and poly. The issue that everyone knows that has ever tried to do it themselves is the attention to detail and time it takes to carefully seal each "pocket". Failure to accomplish this will lead to cold floors above and in time mold growing behind the batt due to air infiltration.

Triple Pane Windows

Ply Gem Low-E glass does more than just lower energy bills. It delivers comfort, creates less condensation and protects valuables from sun damage far better than conventional clear glass. Plus, it meets specific solar and energy control needs for different climates and geographic regions nationwide.


Foundation Waterproofing Membrane.

The membrane’s key job, the first principle of fail safe water management is to keep water from ever touching the wall on it’s way through the soil to the footing drainage systems.
DELTA®-MS provides two lines of defense. The first is an impermeable plastic sheet that is waterproof. The second is the dimpled structure that offers a free drainage path. In the event that water passes the first line of defense, it can flow freely down the air-gap to the footer drain. Unlike a coating, DELTA®-MS bridges all size cracks, ignores damage points, and deflects water as well as soil dampness. It also allows for the drainage of construction moisture to the footer drain.


Heat Recovery Ventilator System (HRV)

An HRV is a controlled ventilation system that reduces high humidity, pollutants and odours by replacing stale air with fresh warm air. 


Exhaust air is not only stale and damp, but warm.   It is this warmth that is used to pre-heat fresh air as it enters your home. All HRVs have two fans and an in-built "Air to Air" Heat Exchanger, which transfers heat from the exhaust air stream to the cold fresh air supply.  By the natural laws of physics, whenever cold air is warmed, humidity is reduced, and condensation control is the result.  The two air streams are 100% separated at all times.  The fresh air introduced into your home is warm and dry and provides a permanently fresh, healthy, indoor environment. 

1. Exhaust, stale, polluted, humid air.

2. Introduce fresh, dry, warm air.

3. Transfer heat from stale, damp, exhaust air to preheat fresh incoming air.

4. Reduce condensation,mould & mildew.